Quality and environment

  • Committed to nature

    Philosophy of continuous improvement and respect for the environment

Recycling and high technology and sustainability material

At Aluminios Eibar we maintain a strong commitment to quality. Each and every one of the processes we perform are certified by strict process and quality controls.

The productive activity generates an environmental impact and consumption of resources. Aluminios Eibar is committed to the environment to reduce this impact, planning and optimizing resources, also carrying out an important work of recycling and using high technology and sustainability material, faithful to a philosophy of continuous improvement and respect for the environment. Also, and taking into account daily energy savings, our systems are prepared for greater thermal and acoustic insulation, due to their mechanical resistance and advanced design, achieving maximum performance, savings and durability over time.

The Earth is not an inheritance of our parents but it is a loan of our children.

Logotipos AENOR 9001 y 14001