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Questions i should ask myself when changing the windows

Which window do I have to install if I need a good thermal isolation?

You have to select the most insulating glass possibility with a carpentry also very insulating. The best options are glasses with double or triple camera, low emissive and with argon. Aluminum joinery with thermal bridge break is recommended.

Which window do I have to install if I need a good acoustic isolation?

The acoustics depends fundamentally on the permeability to the air and the glass. Depending on the outside environment (more or less noisy), choose a window with a very good air permeability (Class 4), as well as a glass with the highest possible attenuation value.

Is the location and orientation of my house important?

The decision will depend on the orientation of the home and the weather. In this way in north orientations, in which the sun never affects, this factor is not important. In the case of other orientations, it will depend on the climate. Cold climates, high solar factor to take advantage of the energy contribution, warm climates, low solar factor to avoid this energy contribution.

I want a long lasting window and that keeps the properties of the first day?

Choosing the window made with the most durable materials, guarantees that it will maintain its initial properties throughout its use and that this time of use will be very long.

Which is the size of the window?

You have to choose a window that can be maneuvered. You have to select leaf sizes that can be opened comfortably in the environment or select sliding windows or tilt parallel windows in case you can not place operable windows.

The ironwork of the window is the suitable for the use I will give?

The weight is determined on the one hand by the mayerial that composes the window and on the other by the composition of the glass. Glass is usually the heaviest component of the window. In this case it is necessary to select a fitting suitable for the weight and a material that makes up the window that has the greatest possible strength with the least weight.

Will it be easy to clean and which maintenance requires?

You have to assess the environment, if there is room for maneuver indoors or not and if there is outside access to clean. If there is no external access for cleaning, do not make large fixed.

Which colour can the window have?

Aluminum is the most versatile material that allows different shapes and colors for the windows of your home. Bicolors, wood colors, metallic colors, anodized colors and lacquers are applicable to our thermal bridge break closures.

Important: do not forget to check that they have been made under the Qualicoat quality seals for lacquering and Quanalod for anodising.

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Which window is safer in case of fire?

The most important characteristics are the melting temperature of the main materials that make up the window and the toxicity of the same when burning. You have to choose a window of fireproof and non toxic materials.

Which window is safer in case of robbery?

We must choose the material with greater resistance than is available as well as a glass according to the exposure of the enclosure to theft.

Which window allows more lighting?

It is determined by the width of the window frame. The greater the width, the smaller the light incident. It is especially important in small windows, it is always necessary to choose the smallest dimension of frame available to let pass the greater amount of light.

Which window respects best the environment?

Aluminum is 100% recyclable infinite times and also keeps its properties intact. 90% is currently recycled. Aluminum comes from bauxite, one of the most abundant materials on the planet, making it 100% sustainable. We can not say the same of other materials.

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